2018 Session- Week 4

2018 Session Week 4

It's been a long hard week. Lots of tough decisions and votes to make. One of my bills failed on the House Floor. Got sick in the middle of the week and had to miss my first day of a session due to illness.

But, the week ended on two very positive notes.

First, my signature piece of legislature, the Single-Sign-On Business Portal funding bill passed! Hooray!!!

Second, I had a great meeting with members of the Community Councils of all but one of the schools in my district! Thanks to those who attended!

Here's my report for this week.

My Bills

Single-sign-on Business Portal Funding

This is my shining star bill. This bill, which funds the Single-Sign-On Business Portal development, passed the full Senate and is now off to the Governor's desk for his signature. Thanks to Senator Bramble, who was the Senate sponsor.

The session is now a success!

Family School Partnership

This bill, while it didn't pass in committee, has caused quite a positive stir in the education community. The Salt Lake Tribune published a very positive article on this program. Here's the link. Thanks to Benjamin Wood for the excellent article.

I don't think I'll be able to get State funding for this program. So, if you want your school to participate in this program, perhaps the State Board or your local school board or school community council can find some money to pay the teachers that participate. 

Tobacco-Free Capitol Hill

Oops! I was blindsided by a couple of legislators who I thought were supporting this bill. It was voted down on the Floor of the House. I knew this was a stretch when I created the bill file. It took the University of Utah five years to go tobacco-free. It may take just as long for the State Capitol to do the same thing.

Lunch meeting with School Community Council Members

As I mentioned, I had a wonderful meeting with School Community Council members from the following schools in my district:
Horizon Elementary
Viewmont Elementary
Riverview Jr. High
Grant Elementary
Liberty Elementary
Longview Elementary
East Midvale Elementary
Midvale Elementary
Copperview Elementary
Midvalley Elementary
Hillcrest High School
I enjoyed interacting with these community leaders. Thanks to all who attended. I always enjoy listening to my constituents.

HB 380 - School Readiness Amendments

This bill moves forward a very focused early childhood program. It came to my House Education Committed and I was very pleased to support it. It does much of what I've been pushing for. Rep. Last is a well seasoned legislator and it has the support of our House Leadership team. Its emphasis is on meeting the early education need of children at risk of not succeeding in school. The program was moved from the Governor's office to Workforce Services department. They will better know which children need the program.

Stay Connected

As a reminder, the Utah House of Representatives offers access to live and previous coverage of House Floor proceedings and committee hearings from the legislative website. You can view the current session, search the archive of past sessions, track bills, read proposed legislation and more at le.utah.gov.

If you come to the Capitol during the session, please send me a text (801)556-4600 or send in a green note (available outside the House doors) if I'm on the floor. I always want to visit with you, my constituents.

Legislative Town Hall

Senator Zehnder and I have scheduled a town hall for my district at the Ruth Vine Tyler library for NEXT SATURDAY, February 24th from 1:00 - 2:30. All our constituents are invited to attend. We will be discussing the issues that we anticipate coming before the legislature during the last two weeks of the session.

Please complete this survey before the Town Hall this next Saturday. This will give us an idea of your concerns and priorities. It should take all of 2 minutes to fill out. It is NOT anonymous. You will need to enter your name and address to help ensure that you live in the district.

2018 Caucus Night

Please put March 20th on you calendar as the night for this year's Republican Caucus. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to attend. Our caucus will be held at Hillcrest High School. More details to follow.

Happy Presidents Day

We are off on Monday February 19th for President's Day. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember what these two presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, did for our country. They were great public servants.

Thanks for reading.