2018 Session Week 6

2018 Session Week 6

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Well, it's down the final stretch. Next week we start at 8:00 a.m. and go until late into the evening each night. I may have to start drinking Diet Coke (with caffeine) to stay awake.

Budget Items

The biggest issue we have to deal with this next week is the budget. There is a proposal that we lower the income tax rate and also taxes for Utah-base corporations. Tied to this is a proposal to freeze the rate on real estate properties in order to increase funding to public education. This means that your property taxes may go up a little bit for the next five years. It's all still very fluid and changing by the moment.

I've proposed an increase to the Property Tax Circuit Breaker credits to offset somewhat the property tax increases for low-income households. While most agree that public education needs more money and property tax is the most consistent tax we have, it is also a regressive tax that hits those of us on fixed incomes. The proposal I've been circulating is meant to help those that own homes and having little to no income.

This will be hard vote for me, since I don't like tax increases, but I also feel that our education system needs more money.

Lots of bills

We will be hearing hundreds of bills as well next week. I still have a couple of bills pending. I'll give you more information about these after the session is over.

If you have a bill you're concerned about, feel free to email me at this email address or my legislative email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Well-attended Town Hall

Senator Zehnder and I had a very good Town Hall last week. Thanks to all of you who attended. You filled the room. 

2018 Caucus Night

Please put March 20th on you calendar as the night for this year's Caucus night.

Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to attend. The Republican Caucus will be held at Hillcrest High School. Bring your driver's license to register when you get there. The registration will be done electronically by scanning your driver's license. Should make it much quicker.

By the way, I found out that the Democratic Caucus will be at Midvale Middle School.

Stay Connected

One last reminder that the Utah House of Representatives offers access to live and previous coverage of House Floor proceedings and committee hearings from the legislative website. You can view the current session, search the archive of past sessions, track bills, read proposed legislation and more at le.utah.gov.

If you come to the Capitol during the session, please send me a text (801)556-4600 or send in a green note (available outside the House doors) if I'm on the floor. I always want to visit with you, my constituents.

That's it!

Thanks for reading!!! I'll send out a session summary next week.