Who is Bruce?

This video tells about me and a short bio.

My Legislative Background

A question was asked “what in your life experience qualifies you for the position you are seeking.” My reply begins with my college days, my school board experience, my library board experience, my problem solving as a software developer and my old Fuller Brush salesman days.

Clean Air

This video, which starts right after I say that we passed a law to facilitate and incentivize the development of tier 3 gasoline, addresses my thoughts about cleaning up our air.

Gas Tax Increase Ballot Question

This video explains the 10 cent increase in gasoline taxes and how it is not taking Transportation Revenue to support Public Education, but rather taking the General Fund money that is now going to Transportation and redirect the money replaced by the gas tax increase and put it toward Public Education. I support this idea. But it is up to the voters to decide.

Bear Ears Monument

We were asked what we thought about the Bear Ears Monument issue. My response has to do with local control. I visited San Juan County and visited with the residents there. They have valued this land for centuries, especially the Native Americans. They have taken care of it and want to continue to do so. They don’t want outside groups coming and taking over that which they value. Local control is the best control