My eight years serving on the Murray Board of Education was one of the main reasons why I decided to run for the Utah State Legislature. I am a strong proponent of Public Education.

I am a member of the Education Interim and the House Education Standing committees. 

I frequently visit the schools in my district. Last year I visited almost all of the Turnaround Schools in Canyons, Granite and San Juan School Districts. I was able to clarify the intent languages on the School Turnaround Act to allow employees of School Districts to be school consultants. The school in which the school in turnaround is located, cannot be the consultant, but another district in Utah may be. This allows us to keep these funds in the state and in the education system.

I have an Education Advisory Committee that helps me be aware of and respond to public education issues. We meet monthly to discuss the upcoming Interim Committee agenda. If you would be interested in participating in this committee, please let me know.

I visit frequently with the Murray School Board and the Canyons School Board.

With the passage of two very important bills, the Single-Sign-On Business Portal and the Technology Innovation Bill, we are ready to make some significant improvements in efficiencies in State Government. 

The Single-Sign-On Business Portal will allow a business owner or his/her employees to have a single user name and password with which they can access all State Agencies. Currently each State agency has their own user name and password. This will no longer be required.

By having a single point of entry, we are reducing the number of entry points that need to be secured and monitored. 

Now when a business owner logs on he or she will see a list of notifications and alerts that they need to address. Late fees should become a thing of the past. 

There are many among us who are struggling to make ends meet. It is important that we work to help them improve their station in life.

I have been a frequent attendee at the Midvale Homeless Coordinating Committee. There are many groups that are working to assist those who need help. 

I have been following very closely the Intergenerational Poverty Commission. This is a commission that is set up to address the cycle of poverty by helping stop the inflow of children living on government support as a child and then being dependent on that same support as adults.

Getting more children to seek a post-high-school education is very important. As a member of the Canyons Education Foundation Board, we are looking at ways to help children set goals to accomplish more than just a high school education.

One of the most valued parts of living in Murray, Midvale and Sandy has been the safety we have felt. While there are elements that threaten this peace and safety, I will work with the cities and their police departments to ensure that our cities remain safe places to live. 

If needed, I will seek for State assistance via the State Department of Public Safety.

Transportation is one of the most important elements of our society. We must be able to move from one place to another and in particular, get to work and home again in a reasonable amount of time. 

We also need to be concerned about the pollution that our modes of transportation create

We need to find other ways, other than driving our own gas-guzzling, pollution-emitting, space occupying vehicles. Electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and public transit are going to become commonplace. We need to put the infrastruture into place to facility these new modes of transportion

We all breathe the same air. While the air quality is better than it has ever been along the Wasatch Front, we have more sources of pollution. I'm happy that we've approved the production of Tier 3 Gasoline. This will cut almot 80% of the pollution coming from vehicles that have been fitted to use Tier 3 Fuel. 

This is a top priority for all of us. I am a strong supporter of legislation that helps facilitate cleaner air. 

I am a strong supporter of keeping public lands public. And the best way we can do this is to allow the States, in whose State the land is located, to manage those lands. Those closest to the issues are the best suited to manage them. 

We Utahns value our public lands. I'm supportive of more State Parks to help preserve these lands for future generations.

I do not support the Ballot Initiative Proposition 2 in its current form. 

FIrst of all, this is a federal issue and should be addressed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the agency that determines whether new drugs should be made available for us by the public. Currently marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. This means that the FDA believes that the drug has "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." The FDA should at least change the classification to a Schedule 2 drug, as we asked them to do via a bill sponsored by former Senator Brian Shiozawa. 

One of my greatest concerns with the bill is the authorization which is gives to Cannibis Cardholders to grown their own marijuana if a dispensary is more than 100 miles from their home. I'm concerned with enforcement of this authorization. I'm particularly concerned that children could have easy access to these plants, especially if there are children in the home in which the marijuana is grown.

I urge the voters to reject this initiative.

I also promise that I will work with my colleagues on the HIll to come up with a medical marijuan bill this next session, with which we can all satisfied. 

We did so with a "right-to-try" bill in the 2018 session, which I supported.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the change to the internet rules which has been commonly referred to at "Net Neutrality." 

The Obama administration put into place a number of changes to the rules governing internet providers. Basically they applied the rules that went into place almost a century ago when Ma Bell was a monopoly in the telephone industry. They have to do with not restricting services that internet providers, such as Comcast, AT&T and Century Link, must "treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminiate or chage differently by use, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication." (Wikipedia description

The Trump administration revoked these rules and went back to what I will call the "open internet" rules. The "net neutrality" rules were very restrictive and applied to a situation that no longer exists. I, of all people, want an open internet. I don't want my internet provider to restrict the data that I access, unless it is truly harmful data. 

I believe that the competition between internet suppliers that we currently have is sufficient to ensure that we have free and open access to the internet. If my provider starts to restrict my access, I will switch providers. We already have a choice in providers, which was not the case then Ma Bell was a monopoly. I support the rescinding of the so-called "Net Neutrality" rules and the return to the "open internet" rules which have been in place for decades.

You will have the opportunity to vote for an 10 cent increase in the gas tax to provide more revenue for transportation needs in the State. The General Fund revenue, which was being diverted to Transportation needs, will then be redirected to Public Education. 

I support this concept. I believe that those that use the highways should pay for the highways. Diverting General Fund moneys to pay for the transportation needs to change. I support increasing funding for public education. If you, the voters, vote for this non-binding question, I will support you and vote for a bill that will make this law. (The question is a non-binding question and necessitates further legislation.)