My Committees

Most of the work of the Utah State Legislature is done in committees. During the Legislative Session each piece of legislation is reviewed by at least two standing committees. If a piece of legislation begins in the House then a House Standing committee reviews the bill. If it passes out favorably, then it goes to the full House. If a piece of legislation begins in the Senate, then a Senate Standing committee reviews the bill and if favorably recommended goes before the full Senate.

During the interim, the time between sessions, Interim Committees review general policies within their purview. These Interim committees often make recommendations for significant legislation.

Committee work is a very important part of being a legislator. I take my role as a committee member very seriously. I have been assigned to very important committees. We have reviewed many significant pieces of legislation.

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We also have Appropriations committees. These committee are charged with setting the budget for particular agencies. During the interim, these committees do deep-dives into agency budgets. As part of this deep dive, they make recommendations for significant changes, if needed.

I have been privileged to serve on the following very important committees:

  • The Education Committee (House Standing and Interim)
  • Judiciary Committee (House Standing and Interim)
  • Executive Offices and Criminal Justice (EOCJ) Appropriations Committee for which I am the Vice Chair.

Meets once a month in May-November to discuss public education issues. Bruce is a member of the House Public Education Standing (meets during the session) and the Education Interim Committee (meets during the interim between sessions and hears and votes on public education related bills, other than money-related bills.).

Education Interim Committee Page

House Education Standing Committee Page

Bruce is also a member of the Judiciary Committees (Standing and Interim).

He is one of the few members of this committee who is not a lawyer. This committee meets during the session to discuss law-related issues..

Judiciary Interim Committee

House Judiciary Committee

This is the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations committee.

I’m the Vice Chair of this committee.

This committee reviews and sets the budget for all of the Executive Offices:

  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Auditor
  • State Treasurer

We also review and set the budgets for the Criminal Justice departments, which include; the following:

  • Courts
  • Public Safety, including the Highway Patrol
  • Prisons
  • Juvenile Justic

EOCJ Committee Page