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Ever wonder how to see what the Utah State Legislature is doing? 

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My Bills

Here is a list of my proposed bills for the 2019 session

Single-Sign-On Database Funding

H.B. 120 – Robert Rees – Drafting Attorney

Fund the development of the Single-Sign-On Business Portal as passed in 2015. This will be done by increasing the $25 business renewal fee by a nominal amount ($5). Only for-profit companies will be levied this increased fee.
The fee will be transferred to the Department of Technology Service (DTS) for the sole purpose of developing and maintaining the Single-Sign-On Business Portal

Technology Innovation Fund

FB 0556 – Robert Rees – drafting attorney

Establish a fund to be used by the DTS department to further innovations that improve inefficiencies in government using technology.

Sponsored Bills

HB0035 Minimum School Program Amendments
HB0080 State Technology Governance Amendments
HB0083 Rental Application Disclosure Amendments
HB0114 Local School Entity Amendments
HB0172 UESP Medicaid Amendments
HB0236 Mobile Home Park Residents’ Amendments
HB0342 Local Budget Hearing Amendments

Co-Sponsored Bills

HCR018 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utahns to Consider the Smog Rating When Purchasing a Vehicle
HB0278 Expenses of Minor Children Amendments
HB0161 Pedestrian Safety Amendments (I had a duplicate bill which I let die in deference to this bill)
HB0240 Employability to Careers Program
HCR004 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 50 Years of Public Television


HB0043 State Instructional Materials Commission Amendments
HB0071 Weighted Pupil Unit Calculation Equalization Amendments
HB0096 Single Sign-on Business Database
HB0142 Agency Auditing Procedures for Education
HB0147 State Board of Education Revisions
HB0433 Minimum School Program Amendments
HB0461 Local School Entity Amendments

Cosponsored Bills

HB0437 Health Care Revisions
HJR014 Joint Resolution Supporting the Retention of Public Educators
HCR005 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100-yr Anniversary of Our National Parks
HB0127 License Plate Options
HCR007 Concurrent Resolution for a Statue to Recognize Father Dominguez and Father Escalante

Sponsored Bills

HB0073 Nepotism Amendment
HB0125 Fishing License Amendments
HB0185 Charitable Solicitation Act Amendments
B0354 Exempt Vehicle Amendments

Cosponsored Bills

HR0003 House Resolution Honoring Former Speaker Rebecca D. Lockhart
HJR007 Joint Resolution Calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
HB0385 Memorial Highway Designation