This is a short list of my supporters.

Thanks so much for your support. If you are wondering about my qualifications, feel free to reach out to these individuals.

City and School Officials

  • Murray Mayor Blair Camp
  • Midvale Mayor Robert Hale
  • Murray Councilman Dale Cox
  • Murray Councilman Dave Nicponski
  • Murray Councilman Brett Hales
  • Midvale Councilman Paul Hunt
  • Murray School Board Member Gloria Merrill
  • Murray School Board Member Kami Anderson
  • Canyons School Board Member Mont Millerberg
  • Former Midvale Councilman Steve Brown
  • Former Mayor Joann Seghini

Other individuals

  • Keith and Valerie Tanner
  • Karl and VeAnn Molander
  • Karla Nystron
  • Clive and Carolyn Hansen
  • Tristin Duncan
  • Wayne Doman
  • Dorothy Moore
  • Norm and Karen Ogden
  • Greg and Pam Brown
  • Greg Anderson
  • Lola Barrett
  • Lauren and Ruthann Gibb
  • Dennis Paul Spackman
  • Forest and Luella Evans
  • Janet Gwilliam
  • John Prestwich
  • Robert and Mary Gilmore
  • Floyd and Karen Tarbet
  • Alan and Ilene Black
  • Russ and Paula Morley


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