Personal Priorities

Serve with integrity

Integrity is a very important attribute to me. I will always strive to be true to my word. I will do my utmost to be true to my word. My word is my bond.

Communicate Honestly

I promise to be as honest as I possibly can. I will be up-front with you, my constituents. While we will not always agree, I will do my best to communicate with you my position. It is very important for you to know where I stand on the issues. I will continue to publish a monthly newsletter during the interim and weekly during the session.

Work Hard

Being a legislator is hard work and I'm willing to do it. While my family will always take top priority, the remainder of my time will be appropriately allocated to serving you and serving my employer. It is in my nature to work hard and I will continue to do so for you.

photo of the word Vision


Public Education

I am passionate about public education. All of my children graduated from public schools including college. I am frequently in the schools, either with my legislative role or my role as the STEM Outreach Coordinator with Ivanti

Helping the less-fortunate

With the Road Home homeless shelter in my district, I am passionate about helping those that are struggling and desire to end their homelessness.


As a career software engineering, I am passionate about using technology to improve our lives. My top goal is to implement the single-sign-on business portal for the State of Utah. Encouraging innovation in State Government is another priority for me.

Community Service

  • Two-term legislator.
  • Currently a Member of the Canyons Foundation Board (the Canyon’s fund raising organization)
  • Served for 6 years on the Murray Library Board, 3 of which were as the Board Chair
  • Served for 8 years on the Murray School Board

Legislative Boards, Commissions and Academies

  • Member of the Utah Technology Advisory Board
  • Member of the Governor's Education Excellence Commission
  • Graduate of the Western Legislative Academy
  • Graduate of the NCSL Early Learning Fellow Program
  • Co-chair Early Education and Service Work Group
  • Co-chair Special Education Code review Work Group