Utah Family Connection Partnership

I have been researching the following organization in Georgia. We have the same issues and goals as this program has.

The Georgia Family Connection Partnership


I like this organization because it has been able to accomplish great things in Georgia over the past 25 years.

Here are their objectives. All 159 counties in Georgia are working toward the same vision.

Their (GaFCP) Vision

We envision a Georgia where all children are healthy, primed for school, and succeed when they get there; where families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and where communities are vibrant, robust, and thriving.

  • Healthy Children
  • Children Primed for School
  • Children Succeeding in School
  • Self-sufficient and Productive Families
  • Communities that Thrive

These are the same objectives we value in Utah. This is much broader than what the Intergenerational Poverty Commission addresses.