Bruce’s Qualifications

From the “Strengths Finder” survey, these are my top five areas of strength:

  • Belief  – I have enduring core values

My core values don’t change.  I have a deep faith in God and His purposes for us.

  • Harmony – I look for areas of agreement

I like to build coalitions. This is a quality very lacking in the national government right now! While we will always have areas of disagreement, we should look for areas of commonality and build on these rather than on the areas in which we disagree!

I learned early on in my political experience, we should disagree agreeably!

  • Intellection – I like to think.  I like mental activity

We need to work hard to resolve some of the sticky issues confronting the state right now.  For example, there is no quick fix to the problems of the environment.  We must employ our best mental acuteness to come up with things that we can do to maintain our quality of living while also maintaining our environment.

We must continue to commute to work, but we must do so in a more environmentally safe way. There is no quick fix!

  • Connectedness – I believe that we are all part of something larger

As legislators, we can’t do anything by ourselves.  It takes more than just me to get things done.  We must come together with a larger purpose in mind to improve how we educate our children and help them find more jobs, in the State of Utah.

  • Discipline – I impose routines, timelines, deadlines on myself and encourage others to do the same

While we can’t solve all the problems all at once, we can do something.  We need to impose routines, timelines and deadlines to drive us to accomplishing great things.

Here’s the book from which these Strengths were retrieved.

Strengths Finder book