Midvale Homeless Shelter Meeting

Midvale Homeless Shelter Meeting

Here are the facts and figures as reported in the Midvale Homeless Shelter Meeting today.

The UPD reported an increase in Medical Calls (lots of kids – lots of bumps and bruises). Theft calls were also up. Narcotics calls continue to decline. In April a drug-sniffing dog was introduced to the Center. Since then Narcotics crime has declined. Here is the chart:

Crime Rates in the Road Home

Here are the other statistics from the Midvale Road Home Center:

These are counts of total individuals coming into the shelter and not a specific day. It’s kind of like a hotel accounting.

  • Total families that resided in the shelter for the entire month: 201
  • Families Checked In: 90
  • Families Checked Out: 83
  • Total Individuals in families: 746
  • Adults: 330
  • Children: 416
  • Total Shelter Nights: 12952
  • Average individuals in Shelter Each Nigh: 287
  • Number of families diverted: 13

These are static numbers. As I get trend data, I will share that as well.


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