2017 Passed Bills

Sponsored Bills

Link         Title

HB0035    Minimum School Program Amendments
HB0080    State Technology Governance Amendments
HB0083    Rental Application Disclosure Amendments
HB0114    Local School Entity Amendments
HB0172    UESP Medicaid Amendments
HB0236    Mobile Home Park Residents’ Amendments
HB0342    Local Budget Hearing Amendments


Co-Sponsored Bills

Link         Title

HCR018    Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utahns to Consider the Smog Rating When Purchasing a Vehicle
HB0278    Expenses of Minor Children Amendments
HB0161    Pedestrian Safety Amendments (I had a duplicate bill which I let die in deference to this bill)
HB0240    Employability to Careers Program
HCR004    Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 50 Years of Public Television