2016 Passed Bills

Numbered Bills

Link               Title

HB0043         State Instructional Materials Commission Amendments

HB0071         Weighted Pupil Unit Calculation Equalization Amendments

HB0096         Single Sign-on Business Database

HB0142          Agency Auditing Procedures for Education

HB0147          State Board of Education Revisions

HB0433          Minimum School Program Amendments

HB0461          Local School Entity Amendments

Cosponsored Bills

Link                   Sponsor              Short Title

HB0437              Dunnigan, J.        Health Care Revisions

HJR014              Edwards, R.         Joint Resolution Supporting the Retention of Public                                                                      Educators

HCR005             Fawson, J.           Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100-yr                                                                              Anniversary of Our National Parks

HB0127              Peterson, V.         License Plate Options

HCR007             Wheatley, M.        Concurrent Resolution for a Statue to Recognize Father                                                              Dominguez and Father Escalante